We believe that sustainable success is built on a sound foundation. Hence, we efficiently invest in acquiring strategic resources which are capable of delivering value not just today, but are also geared up for tomorrow. With a trained and ever growing talent pool, a highly scalable fleet, proactive use of technology and an extensively integrated network, EASTERN CARGO is a company, where capable resources precede the successes of its customers.
EASTERN CARGO is driven by a strong team of employees who blend years of experience across verticals with expertise of handling diverse requirements. Under the capable guidance of our promoters, each member of this team works with a sense of commitment and passion. Also, the EASTERN CARGO team considers the values of ethics and innovation very importantly, thus leading the organization towards higher and sound success.
EASTERN CARGO embraces technology very closely and continuously adopts measures which are miles ahead of the industry. A company-wide ERP : SAP enables us to keep track of end to end processes ensuring efficiency of operations optimizing costs while keeping high focus on customer service. This focus is an ingrained component of the culture at EASTERN CARGO, resulting into regular investments in technologies.
ERP Implementation
A company-wide SAP ERP supports in efficient management and coordination of key operational and support processes of the company. All modules of SAP including SD, MM, LE, PM and FICO have been appropriately enhanced and extended to allow adoption of Industry best practices as well as processes customized to our own operations.
Vehicle Tracking
EASTERN CARGO offers multiple options of vehicle tracking to its customers ranging from GPS based Real Time Tracking, Swipe Card /Telephone based touch point based tracking and the Expected Delivery Date based tracking depending upon customers cargo critical and service requirements. EASTERN CARGOs IT systems allow to automatically send periodic MIS about consignments status as well as proactive alerts intimidating customers about expected delays due to any problem en-route allowing them to plan better.
EASTERN CARGO has adopted a state of the art SAAS based CRM solution to keep track of the various leads and opportunities so as to ensure timely and well coordinated response to its customers for their inquiries, better coordination across various divisions and departments.
Field Force Automation
In the todays era of mobile computing, EASTERN CARGO is staying ahead of the curve, and is in the process of equipping its entire field force with smart phones where they can while on the field - whether at customer loading site, or delivery site or en-route - update information about consignments in the ERP system thereby offering even better visibility of consignments and efficient coordination of activities.